Gillespie County - 130 Markers
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Adolph Gold House 212 E. Travis   Fredericksburg 
Albert Lee Patton Building 232 W. Main   Fredericksburg 
Albert Nebgen House from Stonewall take RR 1623 S approx. 1 mi. to Lee Roy Behrends Rd.; take Behrends east approx. .6 mile to the DE Ranch entrance, take DE Road approx. .4 mile  Stonewall 
Andreas and Frederike Lindig Farmstead from Stonewall take US 290 E approx. 3 miles to Lower Albert Road (marker on private property)  Stonewall 
Baethge-Behrend Homestead n/a Fredericksburg 
Bethany Lutheran Church 110 W. Austin St.   Fredericksburg 
Birthplace of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN 247 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Cherry Mountain School Complex take US 87 NE 7.4 mi., then take Cherry Mountain Loop Rd. 1.8 mi.  Fredericksburg 
Cherry Spring Schoolhouse take US 87 NW 7.4 mi. to Cherry Mountain Loop Rd., then north on Loop Rd. 1.8 miles  Fredericksburg 
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church take US 87 NW 17 miles, then east on Cherry Spring Rd. 1.3 miles  Fredericksburg 
Christian Crenwelge Place 312 West Schubert   Fredericksburg 
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 520 e. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
County Jail of 1885 117 San Antonio St.   Fredericksburg 
Crabapple School take RR 965 N approx. 10 mi., then left at (V) just south of Crabapple Creek Bridge, then go .5 mi.  Fredericksburg 
Cross Mountain from intersection of US 290 and Milam St. (RR 965), take Milam St. north 1 mi., then west on Cross Mountain Trail approx. 100 yards.  Fredericksburg 
D. C. Riley House take RR 965 N approx. 17 miles to Lower Crabapple Rd.; then east on Crab Apple 2.6 miles to Itz-Kast Rd.; then north on Itz .2 miles  Fredericksburg 
Dambach-Besier Home 515 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Dangers Stone House 213 W Creek St.   Fredericksburg 
Diedrich Rode Complex take US 87 N approx. 17 miles; then east on cherry Spring Rd. 1.2 miles  Fredericksburg 
Domino Parlor 222 E. Main   Fredericksburg 
Doss School Doss School grounds   Doss 
Duecker Family Homestead take FM 1631 E 6.7 miles, then east on FM 2721 approx. 8 mi., then north on Grape Creek Road 3.5 miles  Fredericksburg 
Durst House take US 87 NW 8 miles to Cherry Mtn. Loop Rd.; then east on Cherry Mtn. Rd. 1.8 miles to Wandell-Ahrens Rd., then north on Wendell .4 miles to site  Fredericksburg 
Edward and Minnie Stein House 101 E. Hackberry   Fredericksburg 
Ellebracht-Moritz Homestead private property  Fredericksburg 
Emil Weber House 110 N. Cherry St.   Fredericksburg 
Enchanted Rock at the gazebo at entrance to Nature Trail system in park; from Fredericksburg, take RR 965 north 20 miles  Fredericksburg 
Engel Family Main St.   Luckenbach 
F. W. Arhelger Shop 109 Adams St.   Fredericksburg 
Felix Van Der Stucken Home 114 W. Austin St.   Fredericksburg 
First Baptist Church of Harper intersection of FM 783 (Doss Rd.) and US 290  Harper 
First Methodist Church of Fredericksburg 312 W. San Antonio St.   Fredericksburg 
Fredericksburg College Building 108 W. Travis St.   Fredericksburg 
Fredericksburg Lodge No. 794, A.F. & A.M. Hale St. and S. Adams T.   Fredericksburg 
Fredericksburg Social Turn Verein 103 W. Travis   Fredericksburg 
Gillespie County take SH 16 S approx. 5.5 miles to roadside park  Fredericksburg 
Gold-Grobe House 413 N. Llano   Fredericksburg 
Guenther's Live Oak Mill n/a Fredericksburg 
Gun Cap Factory 306 W. Main   Fredericksburg 
H. C. Keese Home from Crabapple take RR 965 N approx. .75 mi. to Welgehausen Rd.; then west on Welgehausen Rd. 3.4 miles to site on right  Fredericksburg 
Harper Presbyterian Church IS Hwy. 280 and FM 783   Harper 
Heinrich and Johanna Borchers Kensing n/a Cherry Spring 
Heinrich Bierschwale House 209 W. Austin St.   Fredericksburg 
Henry Basse House at US Hwy. 290 and Basse Ln. take Basse Ln. south .4 mi. to S. Bowie and go east 100 yards  Fredericksburg 
Henry Cordes House 204 W. Schubert St.   Fredericksburg 
Hill Crest Cemetery take SH 156 SW approx. 8.8 miles to Morris Ranch Rd.; then west on Morris Ranch Rd. 2.5 miles to Old Morris Ranch Schoolhouse building (cemetery located up the hill behind the school building)  Fredericksburg 
Hoerster Building 242-244 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Holy Ghost (Heilige Geist) Evangelical Protestant Church 113 San Antonio St.   Fredericksburg 
Homestead of Karl Itz take SH 16 N approx. 1.2 miles to Lower Crabapple Rd.; then north on Lower Crabapple Rd. approx. 3.6 miles  Fredericksburg 
Hugo and Anna Gold Crenwelge House take SH 16 N 13 mi. to RR 1323; then east on RR 1323 2.7 mi. to Old Willow Rd., then south on Old Willow Rd. .5 mi. to Gold-Schafer Rd., then south on Gold-Schafer Rd. 1.3 miles  Fredericksburg 
J.W. and Ruth Baines House Fredericksburg, 112 W. College Street  Fredericksburg 
Johann Joseph Knopp House 309 W. Schubert   Fredericksburg 
John O. Meusebach from Cherry Spring take US 87 S approx. 2.5 miles to roadside park  Cherry Spring 
John Peter Tatsch Home, 1856 210 N. Bowie St.   Fredericksburg 
Kiehne-Hermann Home 405 E. Main   Fredericksburg 
Kloth-Ludwig Home 414 E. Main   Fredericksburg 
Kuenemann House 413 W. Creek St.   Fredericksburg 
Lange's Mill from Doss, take FM 648 approx. .5 mi. to Lange's Mill Rd., then northwest on Lange's Mill Rd. 3.3 miles  Doss 
Lehne-Itz House 402 Whitney St.   Fredericksburg 
Little Rock House 215B W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Liveoak Creek Log Cabin private property  Fredericksburg 
Loeffler-Weber House 508 W. Main   Fredericksburg 
Lower South Grape Creek School from Stonewalll take US 290 E approx. 10 miles, ROW  Stonewall 
Luckenbach near Post Office   Luckenbach 
Luckenbach School from RR 1376 in Luckenbach take Luckenbach Rd. E approx. .5 miles  Luckenbach 
Lyndon Baines Johnson LBJ National Park (near entrance on PR 49)  Stonewall 
Lyndon Baines Johnson Loring and Peach (at school entrance)   Stonewall 
Maier-Alberthal Building 324 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Major Israel M. Nunez at the entrance to Stonewall school at the corner of Loring St. and Peach St., Stonewall  Stonewall 
Market Square (Mark Platz) 100 block of West Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Meckel-Hanus Building 307 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Moritz-Hitzfeld-Jacoby House 608 N. Milam   Fredericksburg 
Morris Ranch Schoolhouse from intersection of US 290 and SH 16 in Fredericksburg, take SH 16 S approx. 9 miles to Morris Ranch Rd.; then west on ranch road approx. 2.4 miles  Fredericksburg 
Mosel-Jordan-Duecker Haus 121 E. San Antonio St.   Fredericksburg 
Mueller-Petmecky House 201 S. Washington   Fredericksburg 
Nimitz Hotel NW corner of the intersection of E. Main St. and Washington St.  Fredericksburg 
Old Central Drugstore 124 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Old Cherry Spring School (Das Alte Schulhaus) take US 87 NW 17 mi. to Cherry Spring Rd., then east 1.6 mi. to intersection with Wasserfall Rd.  Fredericksburg 
Old Gillespie County Courthouse W. Main and S. Adams   Fredericksburg 
Old Kammlah House 309 - 315 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Oliver and William Schneider Building same as Old Central Drugstore  Fredericksburg 
Pape Log Cabin 213 W. Creek   Fredericksburg 
Pedernales Rural School take SH 16 S approx. 7.1 miles  Fredericksburg 
Philipp Hartmann Family Cemetery US 290, 4.4 mi. W of Fredericksburg  Fredericksburg 
Pinta Trail from Fredericksburg take US 290 E approx. 5.2 miles to rest area  Fredericksburg 
Pioneer Schandua House 111 E. Austin   Fredericksburg 
Pioneer Schanova House 111 E. Austin St.   Fredericksburg 
Rausch Ranch Home go south on US 87 approx. 5.5 miles to Meusebach Rd.; then east 1.5 mi. to gate; then 400 ft. to "Y" at creek; then .3 mi. east to gate; then .4 mi. south to site  Fredericksburg 
Ressmann-Boos House 511 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Riley-Enderlin House 606 N. Adams   Fredericksburg 
Schmidt-Dietz Building 218 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Schmidt-Gold House 106 S. Lincoln   Fredericksburg 
Schneider-Klingelhoefer House 714 Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Schwarz Building 216 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Site of Fort Martin Scott take US 290 E approx. 2 miles to ROW  Fredericksburg 
Site of The Andreas Lindig Lime Kiln take US 290 E approx. 3 miles to Lower Albert Rd.; take this north .2 miles to intersection with RR 1  Stonewall 
Site of the McDonald Massacre from US 290 in Harper take RR 783 S approx. .1 mile to ROW  Harper 
Site of Zodiac take US 90 E approx. 4 miles to Schmidtzinsky Rd.; then east approx. 1.4 miles (on private property)  Fredericksburg 
Squaw Creek Cemetery from Hilltop take RR 648 NW 6.2 miles; then south on Squaw Creek Rd. .5 miles; then west on Nixon Cemetery Rd. approx. .7 miles  Hilltop 
Squaw Creek Primitive Baptist Church 0.6 miles east of Doss on FM 648  Doss 
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church W. Creek St. and S. bowie St.   Fredericksburg 
St. John's Lutheran Church take RR 965 N approx. 10 miles; take left at "Y" just south of Crab Apple Creek Bridge and go .5 mi.  Fredericksburg 
St. Paul Lutheran Church take RR 1631 NE approx. 10 miles  Fredericksburg 
St. Peter Lutheran Church from Harper take rr 783 approx. 14 miles to intersection of RR 783 and RR 648 in Doss  Harper 
Stonewall Community Cemetery Cemetery Rd, S of US 290, Stonewall   Stonewall 
Sunday House 315 West Main   Fredericksburg 
Texas Ranger General E. Kirby Smith, C.S.A. from Fredericksburg, take US 290 E approx. 10 miles to ROW  Fredericksburg 
The August Hennersdorf House 205 W. Austin   Fredericksburg 
The Burrer Home take Lower Crabapple Rd. northeast 4 mi. to Baj Lane, then east on Baj Lane .3 mi.  Fredericksburg 
The Carl Henke Home 116 E. Travis   Fredericksburg 
The Christian Kraus Homestead n/a Fredericksburg 
The Easter Fires take US 290 E 3.6 miles to rest area ROW  Fredericksburg 
The Grapetown School take US 290 E approx. 3 mi. to the Old San Antonio Rd.; then south approx 7.2 miles to Grapetown  Fredericksburg 
The Marschall-Meusebach Cemetery take US 87 NW approx. 17 miles to Cherry Spring Rd.; then east on Cherry Spring approx .5 miles to Marshall Cemetery Rd.; then north on cemetery road .2 miles  Fredericksburg 
The Meinhardt-Pfeil Home 125 W. San Antonio   Fredericksburg 
The Patton Home 107 N. Orange St.   Fredericksburg 
The Schandua Building 205 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
The William Rausch House 107 S. Lincoln   Fredericksburg 
Trinity Lutheran Church take US 290 E approx. 1 mile to Lower Albert Rd.; take Albert Rd. north approx. .2 miles to intersection with RR 1  Stonewall 
Vereins Kirche Market Square   Fredericksburg 
Vogel Sunday House 418 West Austin   Fredericksburg 
Wahrmund Millinery, Moellendorf-Dietz Bakery 312 E. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Wahrmund-Priess House 575 Buckeye Rd.   Fredericksburg 
Walch Home 412 E. Austin St.   Fredericksburg 
Weber "Das Keller Haus" 110 N. Cherry St.   Fredericksburg 
Welgenhausen Ranch from Fredericksburg take RR 965 N approx. 12.6 miles to site just north of Crabapple  Fredericksburg 
William S. Dedmon private property  Harper 
William Wahrmund House 206 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
Wunderlich Houses at the NW corner of the ntersection of W. Live Oak Rd. and Post Oak Rd.  Fredericksburg 
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 424 W. Main St.   Fredericksburg 
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