Hale County - 42 Markers
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Bellview Community and School from Plainview, take FM 789 southeast about 9 miles  Plainview 
Blasingame Home   Plainview 
Center Plains Community from Cotton Center, take FM 179 North four miles.  Cotton Center 
Colonel C. C. Slaughter Columbia Street and US 70, Courthouse Square, Plainview  Plainview 
Discovery Site of the Plainview Point 5th Street and Joliet Street, City Park, Plainview  Plainview 
Dr. James Henry Wayland Wayland College, 7th and Quincy Street, Plainview.  Plainview 
Edwin Lowden Lowe Plainview Cemetery - 100 South Joliet Street, Plainview  Plainview 
Emma Grigsby Meharg 100 South Joliet Street, Plainview  Plainview 
First Baptist Church of Hale Center   Hale Center 
First Baptist Church of Plainview   Plainview 
Former Office Site of Texas Land and Development Company   Plainview 
Gates Hall Wayland Baptist College, Administration Building, SH 194, Plainview  Plainview 
Green Machinery Co., Inc.   Plainview 
Hackberry Groves 2nd Street and FM 400, City Park, Plainview  Plainview 
Hale County 1 mile south on U.S. 87 Business Route at city limits in roadside park  Plainview 
Halfway from Plainview, take US 70 West about 14 miles, near intersection of US 70 and FM 179  Plainview 
Happy Union from Plainview, take FM 400 about 10 miles south  Plainview 
J. Frank Norfleet City Park, 702 Main Street, Hale Center  Hale Center 
Lakeview School and Community from Petersburg, take FM 54 about 8 miles west  Petersburg 
Lamar School located at intersection of FM 400 with Date Street and 5th Street, Plainview  Plainview 
Liberty Community and Finney Switch US 87, 4 mi. N of Plainview  Plainview 
Montgomery Ward Building   Plainview 
Nils Akeson 206 West Sixth, Hale Center  Hale Center 
Pearce Chapel - Strip Cemetery from Abernathy, take US 87 North about 2 miles, then take FM 54 East about 4.25 miles, then follow local road south, about .25 miles, veer west then, south again .5 miles  Abernathy 
Peter B. Snyder from Plainview, take FM 400 South about 5 miles  Plainview 
Petersburg intersection of FM 54 and Spur 789, West City Limits, Petersburg  Petersburg 
Plainview Daily Herald   Plainview 
Prairieview Community from Plainview, go 7 miles north on FM 400, then take FM 788 about 3.8 miles east, then go 1 mile north on FM 1612  Plainview 
Ranching and Farming in Hale County from Hale Center, take I-27 South about .5 miles to road side marker  Hale Center 
Rawleigh Porteus Smyth   Plainview 
Running Water Community from Plainview, take Highway 194 about 7.5 miles northwest to junction of Highway 194, FM 788 and FM 1424  Plainview 
Schick Opera House Weksler Building, at intersection of Ash Street and Seventh Street, Plainview  Plainview 
Site of Epworth 702 Main Street, Hale Center  Hale Center 
Site of Lake Plainview 1200 North Broadway, Plainview  Plainview 
Site of Seth Ward College   Plainview 
Slaton Well from Plainview, take US 70 about 5 miles west  Plainview 
Stant Rhea Stage Stand 7.5 miles south of Hale Center on U.S. 87, roadside park - rest stop razed for construction - no marker available  Hale Center 
Struve Family Businesses   Abernathy 
The Old MacKenzie Trail Courthouse Grounds, Columbia Street and US 70, Plainview  Plainview 
The Santa Fe Railroad in Plainview   Plainview 
Town of Abernathy City Hall, US 87, Abernathy  Abernathy 
W. J. "Jeff" Williams Plainview Cemetery, 100 South Joliet Street, Plainview  Plainview 
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