Near Site of the Signing of Turtle Bayou Resolutions - Anahuac, Chambers County, Texas
Address: Whites Park
Directions: just south of IH-10 on SH 61, 5 mi. north of Anahuac
Marker #: 5071009136
Year Dedicated: 1968
Size, type: 27" x 42"
Last reported condition: Good
Near Site of the Signing of Turtle Bayou Resolutions - Drafted and signed at Turtle Bayou on June 13, 1832, this first formal protest of Texas colonists against Mexican tyranny formed an early step in events that led eventually to the Texas Revolution of 1836. The settlers were protesting recent restrictive laws of Mexico designed to limit immigration and trade between the United States and Texas, passed because Mexico feared losing Texas to the U.S. In particular, citizens of anahuac were enraged by unreasonable acts of Col. Juan davis Bradburn, a local agent of the Mexican government. Alarm spread after Bradburn unjustly imprisoned several Texans, one of whom was the later Alamo hero, William B. Travis. Fighting broke out on June 9 and 12, 1832, between citizens and Bradburn's militia. Following this, the Texans met at Turtle Bayou to plan future action. Here they drew up resolutions censuring violations of Mexico's constitution by President Bustamante, encouraging resistance to his regime, and inviting all Texans to uphold the cause of civil liberty. Signers of the document, most of whom later served with valor in the 1836 Revolution and in the Texas republic, were John Austin, W. H. Jack, Hugh B. Johnson, Luke Lesassier, Wylie Martin, and R. M. Williamson.
Decimal degrees:  N 29.838256   W -94.649427
Degrees, minutes: N 29 50.295   W 094 38.966
UTM: Zone 15, Easting 340648, Northing 3302004
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