Clinton LaFayette Smith - Rocksprings, Edwards County, Texas
Directions: Rockpsrings Cemetery, on SH 41, 1 mile north of US 377
Marker #: 5137012414
Year Dedicated: 2001
Size, type: Grave Marker
Last reported condition: No report
Clinton LaFayette Smith - Clinton (Clint) Lafayette Smith, son of Henry M. and Fanny (Short) Smith, was born in Kendall County, Texas. Clint, age 11, and his brother Jeff, age 9, were kidnapped by Lipan and Comanche Indians while herding sheep near their home in 1871. Clint was adopted by Chief Tasacowadi and lived with the Comanche for five years, until he gave himself up in a trade for Indians imprisoned at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After returning to his family, Smith became a trail driver and Angora goat breeder. He moved to Rocksprings in 1910 with his wife, Dixie (Dyche), and children. (2001)
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