Grange Hall Community - Fairfield vicinity, Freestone County, Texas
Directions: 4 miles north of Fairfield on IH-45, 1.5 miles north on CR 1140
Marker #: 5161012454
Year Dedicated: 2001
Size, type: 27" x 42"
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Grange Hall Community - Settlement of this community began in the 1850s, about the time the Texas legislature created Freestone County out of Limestone County. Early settlers included the Smith, Claypool, Henderson, Wooldridge, Kennedy, Lemmon, Manahan, Cannon, Carroll, Ward, Freeman, York, Willard, Tate, Baker and Johnson families. They were primarily farming families who became active in the Texas State Grange movement, which began in 1873 with nearby resident Joseph Burton Johnson serving as first master of the statewide organization. Originally known as Pin Oak, the community eventually came to be called Grange Hall. In keeping with its overall mission to offer cooperative farming pursuits, social contacts for farm families and educational opportunities, the Pin Oak Grange acquired three acres of land in 1877 on which the members built a two-story lodge hall and school. They used the upper story of the building for Grange activities, with the lower floor serving as a public school and as a worship space for the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (organized in 1879). In 1886 the Grange conveyed the land and building to the school trustees for church and school purposes. Soon thereafter the organization became inactive, and about 1908 the upper floor of the Grange hall was removed. After the building burned in 1929, the Pin Oak School joined the Fairfield school district. The building was reconstructed in 1937 and served the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church until the congregation became inactive in the early 1980s. (2001)
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