The Noble Garvey House - Cleveland, Liberty County, Texas
Address: 106 Taft St.
Marker #: 5291009654
Year Dedicated: 1978
Size, type: 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: No report
The Noble Garvey House - After settling here in the 1890s, Noble Garvey (1875-1941) became a leading merchant, landowner, and bank president. Interested in civic improvement, he served on the city council and county planning board and was president of the Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife Lillian Henderson Garvey erected this spacious residence before 1915. Garvey selected the longleaf pine and other lumber from local mills. The Garvey home was the center of social life in early Cleveland. Originally located at College and Crockett Street, it was moved to this site in 1964.
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